Blacklist Monitoring

Comprehensive blacklist alerts

  • Severe blacklisting highlighting
  • Links to blacklist websites IP or domain listed in
  • Links to current and recent blacklisting reports

Blacklist alert example

Comprehensive blacklist alert


How alert links work:

Blacklist alert links


Daily or weekly blacklist reports

Report example

Blacklist report


Customization options

Blacklist severity customization

Blacklist severity customization

Notification channel customization

Blacklist alerts severity customization


IP address and domain name auto flag customization

IP address auto flag options


Easy IP ranges management


Add group

Or enter first and last IP address

Tick Automatically update description with rDNS checkbox. This enables description auto update when rDNS has changed.

Add IP address range

Manage monitor groups

IP range management


Online Drill Down and Drill Through summary reports

Drill Down example

Drill Down example

Drill Through example

Drill Through example


SNDS trap hits and compaint rate monitoring

Report example

SNDS trap hits and compaint rate history report

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